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The GrassWall is the answer to a green, sustainable and acoustic wall decoration. The GrassWall is a homegrown in Holland and in produced in an eco-friendly way. Carefully cultivated on a matt of natural fibers. The specially selected grass seed is grown in 3 to 4 weeks until it's the correct length. To get the prefect result it's mown three times.

After the grass arrives at our workshop we manufacture this into easy-to-assemble GrassWall modules. The Grasswall is approximately 7 cm thick and is finished at the sides using a nice, wooden plinth. Al the parts are 100% FSC and made of natural materials. So we have all the rights to call this a sustainable, natural acoustic solution.

The result is an acoustic green wall that doesn't need any maintenance.
The acoustic value is 1,2

The production proces of Grasswalls:

1. The Grasswall is made of real grass and homegrown.
2. We mow the grass to the length it needs.
3. The color of the grass never fades because we color it with eco-friendly paint.
4. Because the grass is dried it never perishes and doesn't need maintenance.

The four steps of our Grasswall production process

Nothing left but to enjoy!

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Technics department

In order to counteract the effect of poor acoustics our product absorbs sound waves. And especially the sound of speech that are between 100 Hz and 3000 Hz (see graph). In the graph you can see the absorbance value of carpet. Carpets and curtains give the room a warmer tone because they only absorb high frequencies. A warmer timbre gives a rounder sound, but does not help in addressing fatigue and illness. 

Greenwall panels have an absorption value (AW) of 1,2. 

Graph of the absorbance value of our Grasswall


Any size  
Thickness panel 50-80 mm
100% FCS B1 certification
Love to design acoustics