Why and How


We believe in a greener world and we are able to give a great contribution in achieving this.
If you follow the current developments on global heating - among other things the ice that melts in Greenland you can compare to a volume that fills 3000 trucks per day - then maybe you can imagine that with an increase of 140cm of the sea level, half of the Netherlands will come under water.

Although we are no experts in this matter, we certainly do feel involved and act to it. We recycle our products, collect used paper, drive hybrid cars and more. This is the basis of the Acoustic Factory and this is our deal.


The way we purchase our material, the way we build our products and the solution we give. In this chain so many things can still be improved. For example we purchase acoustic waste material and process this in our products. Our solution is translated in material such as moss, cork, vibers, 100% FSC wood. And as a finishing green touch, we deliver our products wrapped with ecological packaging material.

Suggestions on how we can do it even better are very welcome and if you notice something in which you can help us to improve, do not hesitate to contact us.

Love to design acoustics